For more information on Killer Fish, by Dr. Brian Clement, Director of the Hippocrates Health Institute, here is a link to his book Killer Fish

    Recent radiation and toxicity findings fuel Mila as the leading source in safe Omega-3s

    by Rudhi Leonardi

    We LOVE setting new standards with Mila in our crazy changing world and we dream one day of finding ourselves clearly making another quantum leap at the front of the line, the best of the best, the most viable health solution in every category – especially in Omega 3s. Today is that day!  At Lifemax, we are positioned with Mila to convert a “sky is falling” scenario into a huge business advantage.

    It is a folly to preach anymore that the oceans fish are safe enough to eat in sufficient quantities to get our Omega 3s or that fish oil coming from those fish is truly safe. In heightened anticipation at the Lifemax annual conference, Dr. Brian Clement will speak of his new book “Killer Fish” – which will take a huge exposure swipe at the fish industry and blast fish oil myths with scientifically backed up data.

    However, have you heard the recent news?

    Mila has turned a sharp curve and is exploding with potential as the leading source of Omega-3’s and a viable solution to toxicity!  The most recent headlines last week hit international newspapers from Kansas to Florida to Europe and is causing alarm:

    “Radioactive Fish from Fukushima Found near California” (see #1,2 & 3 below) and “New study details mercury contamination in California  (potential in Canada, Alaska, South America) sport fish” (see #4 below)….

    “Oh NO, my Sushi!” Yes, caution when eating your favorite fish specials these days, and you may seriously consider limiting your fish intake and upping your Mila consumption for Omega-3’s… spread the word!

    ONE OF THE MAJOR BENEFITS of Mila is that it is a safe plant-based, lab tested toxin-free source of Omega-3’s – the essential fatty acids that we need DAILY, for optimum brain and body health, and to keep inflammation at bay.

    (See http://www.mylifemax.net/mila/health-nutrition/mila-facts/)

    FISH OIL DANGERS: It seems that as we go out into the world sharing Mila, the most popular way so many people get their Omega-3’s is by eating fish or popping fish oil capsules. We know there have been lawsuits challenging the labeling of toxicity in fish oils in 2010. (See # 5 below) Further Dr. Charlene McLean from a New Zealand team of researchers, referenced in Dr. Brian Clement’s  “Supplements Exposed” book, as early as 2005 and 2008 warned that the fish industry could not control the oxidization process in fish oil tablets – (see #6 below)

    Consider that recent concerns surfaced even before the recent studies as it was noted that most fish oils are derived from fish livers that are the filtering organs and are contaminated with mercury, PCBs, organo-chlorine, pesticides, and dioxins. These toxins may be largely mitigated by extensive processing, but this results in the fish oil molecules being damaged and not 100% chemical or toxin-free. Most of the time, chemicals must be used to counter immediate rancidity of fish oil upon extraction, the extraction process itself, as well as bleaching, and countering taste, burping and digestion problems. (see #6 below) We also have seen over the years FDA warnings to pregnant and nursing moms not to take fish oil capsules and to monitor their fish choices… so why wouldn’t we all do this?

    NOW, we add into the mix heightened levels of radioactive isotopes, because of the disaster in Japan, and heightened mercury levels found in fish. This is only the beginning of what we know…  the radioactive leaking in Japan continues and the mercury toxicity and other pollutants in the oceans are only increasing daily. Mila is now the safest source of Omega-3’s – fish and fish oil as alternatives are potential “Killers”.

    References and further considerations:

    1.    Radioactive Fish on West Coast:  According to findings published in the US journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, it is the first time huge migrating fish (blue fin tuna) have been shown to carry radioactivity such a large distance. Although the levels of caesium(134 and 137) have increased 10 times….. (the governments of the US and Japan still consider these safe levels although they do not know what to do about it) http://www.kansasfirstnews.com/business/story/Radioactive-bluefin-tuna-crossed-the-Pacific-to-U/Qpku9FxfP0iU8I-niCPF0g.cspx

    2.    “Absolutely Every One” – 15 Out of 15 – Bluefin Tuna Tested are contaminated:


    3.    Associated Press, 28, quoted Fisher as saying: “Frankly, we are a bit shocked.” Fisher said, “That is an ocean fish across the Pacific to retain the radioactive material it is quite surprising. ” Published On Wednesday, May 30, 2012 By admin. Under: Financial News. Tags: Japan, Japanese nuclear radiation fish Jingxian the U.S. West Coast

    4.    WARNINGS of Mercury Toxicity 201 : METHYLMERCURY IN SPORT FISH
    New findings from the first statewide study of contaminants in fish caught off the California coast show that methylmercury, a toxin that damages the nervous system of humans…….. http://www.oehha.ca.gov/fish/hg/index.html

    5. 2010 a law suit was filed claiming Fish Oil Supplements were Toxic:  A lawsuit brought by environmentalists in California claims popular brands of fish oil dietary supplements contain unsafe and illegal levels of polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, which are carcinogenic chemicals.The lawsuit targets eight supplement manufacturers or distributors:  CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid, General Nutrition Corp., Solgar, Twinlab, Now Health, Omega Protein and Pharmavite. Testing found that levels of PCBs in supplements in popular fish oil products varied wildly, from about 12 nanograms per recommended dose to more than 850 nanograms in the most contaminated product. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2010/03/02/BARO1C9RD3.DTL

    6. New Zealand Research on Fish Oil Risks:  ” Fish oil is a highly unstable product and as soon as it is extracted from fish, and exposed to oxygen, metals, light and heat, it begins to oxidise.Most fish oil producers remove many of the oxidation products during the purifying process but this is not enough,” says McLean.
    “Oxidised oils and fats of other types have been shown to increase the risk of atherosclerosis and thrombosis in a small number of human trials. These effects have been seen with relatively low levels of oxidised product – similar to a regular dose of fish oil capsules,” said scientist Rufus Turner.
    (According to a test carried out in by Central Science Labs in the UK – http://www.fera.defra.gov.uk/

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