• Rethinking Coconut Oil

    Adding the super-food coconut oil to your diet may be the most beneficial health change you can make today! According to Natural News, “Coconut oil is one of nature’s most powerful forms of nutrition. Coconut oil helps to balance hormones, stabilize blood sugar levels and boost the cellular healing process. It is also known to stimulate the thyroid and reduce stress on the liver and pancreas. This increases metabolism which helps us burn fat far more effectively while stimulating clean sources of energy that make us feel terrific.”

    Coconut oil got a bad rap several years back due to the fact that it is high in saturated fat. Remember the fat-free craze of the early 90’s? People became obsessed with counting fat grams and would buy anything labeled “FAT-FREE.” I am sure coconut oil didn’t stand a chance at this time. Looking back it is easy to see that Americans took the fat-free “nutritional” phase to the extreme. Eliminating all fat from our diets did not bring about a leaner, healthier population. In fact, “during [the last] 60 years, American levels of heart disease, obesity, elevated serum cholesterol and Alzheimer’s have skyrocketed.”

    In more recent years, these notions of coconut oil being “bad” fat have been challenged and proven to be incorrect. Coincidentally, Sally Fallon wrote Nourishing Traditions in 1999, and strongly advocated for coconut oil as healthy and nutritionally beneficial. Apparently, it has taken over a decade to change our thinking around FAT. Slowly, but surely, coconut is making a comeback! The idea that saturated fat is bad is changing based on solid medical research and facts. Understanding why coconut oil is a good saturated fat is worth reading about. Below you can find more articles on coconut oil and a great video that aired on CBN TV. I strongly believe it is time to give coconut oil a second chance, especially if we want to turn around the health epidemic that is growing before our eyes.

    1.  Huffington Post article, Dr. Joseph Mercola

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    5. 160 Uses for Coconut Oil

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