• Time Flies When You Are Feeling Good

    Photo of Bill out for an after dinner power walk with Nancy!

     60 Days Completed!

    For someone who says they are not disciplined enough to change their diet, someone who called Mila water torture, and could care less about nutrition, Bill sure did surprise us all.

    Not only did he eat TWO scoops of Mila everyday for the duration of the challenge, a few weeks in he started to enjoy it. He would look forward to his morning smoothie and the energy that would come from drinking it. At one point he told me that Mila gets him going more than coffee, and he is able to work more productively. Some days he was even eating THREE scoops. Every time he talks about it I get excited, because honestly, I wasn’t sure if he could do. He continues to amaze me with his progress.

    I checked in with my dad after the 60 days were up. I may not have mentioned this before, but I bribed him with $100 if he stuck with Mila for the full 60 days.

    Here’s his response (yes, he’s a fan of capital letters):

    Forget about the prize. I will Stay w/Mila. The energy and Positive clarity it gave me was amazing. Now, being able to Run, Bike etc. with less stiffness. I also think it curbs my appetite, and cravings for sugar. It helps motivate me to get things done, with a clarity of vision, in work especially. I would tell people to try it, for those who have low energy and inflammation. We walk ” The huge hill” and I can do it 3 times, where before I could barely make it once.

    While my dad is far from cured of his psoriasis and rheumatism, he is feeling better. He helped us move last weekend, (not just by reading books to the kids) he was loading the truck, unloading it, and sweating like the rest of us. He was always a hands on Grandpa until two years ago when his arthritis became so bad that it hurt to move. I think the Mila is slowly giving him back those two years and making him the young and energetic Grandpa that he was before this chronic disease got the best of him. What’s more, is that he has created some new positive habits. He’s traded couch time for walks and sugar for Mila. But most of all, he is realizing that the food we choose has a direct impact on the way we feel.

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  1. Sandy says:

    I am really happy for you, Bill. I know the project was a challenge, and congrats on completing–and even enjoying it.

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