• Mila vs. Chia?

    Are you wondering what the differences are between Mila and Chia? If you truly care about your health and what you put into your body, continue reading. If you get to the end are still not sure, leave me a comment and I will answer your question. (Also the Dr. Neiman video is an in depth analysis of Mila vs. Chia)

    Mila vs. Chia

    Many people have reported significant health upgrades consuming Mila that they did not receive while eating other chia seed brands, including us!

    How is MILA different than other Chia nutritionally?

    There are over 100 varieties of chia seeds.  Most of the chia brands on the market are mass produced and not tested for specific nutritional values, variety or potency, not thoroughly cleaned, and not all harvested at their peak of nutrition. MILA seeds are mostly grown on small farms close to the equator where the soil is very mineral rich, and the climate and elevation is perfect to produce the most nutrient dense seeds.  Lifemax independently tests each crop to ensure that every bag of MILA has the varieties that are the highest in Omega-3′s, protein, fiber, antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals.  Not only is the Mila blend hand selected, it is also meticulously cleaned to ensure there are no stems, weed seeds or unripened seeds.
    Lifemax is the only company that uses a proprietary cold fracturing system to open the seeds, making them easier to digest and much more bio-available -meaning the nutrients absorb easily and are utilized by our body to continuously heal and bring balance on a cellular level.  Oftentimes, whole seeds do not break down easily and therefore they move through our system without being absorbed and utilized for their powerful nutritional qualities.  Seeds that are ground in large quantities (such as ground chia sold in stores) can heat up during the grinding process which destroys enzymes (life force), causing oxidation and tremendous loss of nutrients.

    MILA could help you:

    • Maintain a healthy heart
    • Neutralize the free radicals that can cause premature aging
    • Flush out age-accelerating toxins
    • Regain youthful exuberance
    • Improve skin elasticity
    • Enhance your hair, skin and nails
    • Keep your joints lubricated
    • Reduce muscle soreness and speed rejuvenation
    • Relieve hunger pains
    • Formulate meal replacements
    • Balance hormones
    • Control excess acids associated with indigestion, heartburn and sour stomach

     What is in Mila that makes all this possible?


    Every cell in the body contains protein.  Proteins build, repair and maintain tissues throughout the entire body. Amino acids that come from protein act as the brain’s building blocks.

    We Need Protein For:

    • Building (and rebuilding!) at the cellular level
    • Repairing hair, skin, nails, muscle tendons and ligaments, organs, & immune system
    • Promoting alertness, activity, energy and calmness through neurotransmitters
    • Recovering from exercise


    Antioxidants protect our cells by limiting oxidative damage to biological structures by passivating free radicals.

    We Need Antioxidants For:

    • Combating free radicals for anti-aging
    • Fighting oxidative stress
    • Increasing energy
    • Improving memory
    • Protecting the omega-3s in Mila


    There are two types of fiber: soluble and insoluble.  Soluble fiber becomes gelatinous slowing the rate of sugar and carbohydrate absorption.  Insoluble fiber creates a bulking action in the intestine improving bowel health and colon transit time with absorbing toxins.

    We Need Fiber For:

    • Digestive wellness
    • Cardiovascular health
    • Regularity
    • Detoxification
    • Blood sugar balancing
    • Energy balance
    • Weight management


    Phytonutrients are chemical compounds that are naturally found in plants and thought to promote human health.

    We Need Phytonutrients For:

    • Boosting immune response
    • Reducing inflammation
    • Promoting heart health
    • Repairing DNA damage
    • Enhancing cell-to-cell communication


    Omega-3s are essential fatty acids that are an integral part of every cell in the body.

    We Need Omega-3s For:

    • Brain health and development
    • Cardiovascular health
    • Reducing inflammation
    • Energy production
    • Metabolic health and balance
    • Cellular structure and function
    • Breast and prostate health
    • Blood sugar balance

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